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Built for Amazon Redshift.

DataRow is a web-based Amazon Redshift querying, processing and visualization platform with collaboration and management capabilities.

✔ Team Management Made Easy
Let users in with SAML integration, fine-tune their permissions on a role-based authorization system and audit activities.

✔ Integrated Python/R Notebooks
Once you have your query results, continue your analysis using Python or R on the same platform.

✔ Charts & Graphs
Instantly generate visual insights from your query results. Choose among a variety of built-in charts & graphs.

✔ Collaboration & Sharing
Share your saved queries, charts and notebooks with team members. Collaborate on code and data to achieve better teamwork.

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Enterprise Solution

Install and maintain on your
company's server on AWS account.


Users & Groups

Create and manage Users & Groups
for an Amazon Redshift database.


Query Form

Write queries with substitutable parameters and fill them later via a simple form.